• Aromatherapy Crystal Massage
    for People & Pets!

    • Healing Crystals for Massage & Meditation
    • Re-Discover an Ancient Healing Technique!
    • Reduce stress, relieve pain & boost your immune system!
    • Use them along with any healing technique. Reduces strain on therapist's hands, wrists and thumbs.
    • Harvested from deep within the Earth, Healing Crystals embody the Earth's healing energy within them.

  • Aromatherapy
          Crystal Massage!

    • Essential Oil Blends & Crystals combine to heal body, mind & spirit.
    • The crystal energy gets deep into the muscles, providing a deep release for the client without creating painful tissue trauma.
    • Open your mind, still your body and free your spirit with the healing energy of crystals.

  • Crystal Massage!
          De-Stress your Pets!

    • Take a Hands-On Approach to your Pet's Health & Healing with These Simple Tools and Techniques!
    • Massage your own pet to help relieve muscle & joint pain, arthritis, injuries, increase energy, help with behavioral problems, stress & more.
    • Pets will instantly align themselves to the Crystal's Vibration.
    • Crystal Massage is non-invasive and harmless.

  • Learn Aromatherapy
                    Crystal Massage
                                    and more!

Healing Crystals
for Massage & Meditation

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"helpful for chronic conditions, exhaustion,
cell growth & regeneration"

Buy This Sphere
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Palm Stones

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
"love & emotional healing, releases past wounds"

Buy This Palm Stone
See More Healing Crystal Palm Stones


Black Obsidian Buddha

Black Obsidian Buddha
"psychic protection, grounding, cleanses negativity, spirit communication, helps to break negative emotional patterns, helps dispel self-judgement & self-sabotage"

Buy This Pendant
See More Healing Crystal Pendants



"helps to overcome anxiety, worries and fears, an effective stress reducer, releasing mental blockages and negative thought patterns"

Buy This Point
See More Healing Crystal Wands

Raw Crystals

Angel Aura

Angel Aura
"peace, serenity, expanded awareness, releases stress, muscle cramps, uplifts emotions, connection with Angels"

Buy This Cluster
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Angel Aura

Snowflake Obsidian
"perseverance, insight, improves circulation, supports spiritual healing of cancer, inspires belief in oneself"

Buy This Egg
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Crystal Massage Kits for Pets

  • De-Stress your Pets!
  • Kits to help with Muscle Pain, Stress, Recuperation, Boost Immune & more.
  • Each Kit Contains ~ 1 Healing Crystal & Instructions for both Massage & Meditation with your Pet
See the Kits for Pets

Healing Crystal Charms for Pets

  • De-Stress your Pets!
  • Clip Charm to your Pet's Collar, Leash or Harness!
  • Fluorite for Pain
  • Amethyst for Separation Anxiety
  • Rose Quartz for Rescued, Abused or Grieving Pets
See the Charms for Pets!

Aromatherapy Crystal Massage Kits for People

  • Each Kit Contains ~ 1 Crystal-Infused Massage Blend, 1 Healing Crystal & Instructions for both Self-Massage & Meditation
  • Kits to help with Muscle Pain, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Insomnia, Pain & Stiffness of Arthritis, Immune Boost & more.
See the Kits for People

Healing Crystal Charms for People

  • Clip Charm to Purse or Jacket Zipper!
  • Amazonite for Feminine Strength & Intuition
  • Fluorite for Pain
  • Rose Quartz for Love & Emotional Healing

See the Charms for People!

Natural Healing for Pets

  • Aromatherapy Massage Class!
  • Aromatherapy & Aloe Paw Sanitizer
  • Aromatherapy Crystal Massage Kits
  • Healing Crystal Pendants
  • Lemongrass Flea Spray
  • Natural Diet for Dogs
  • Parasite Cleanse for Cancer
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment
See it All Here!

Healing Crystal Wine Charms

  • Wine Charms that look fabulous & Heal Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Let your guests choose their own Healing Crystal.
  • A glass of Wine with a side of Healing!
  • Included is our link to "How to Say Cheers in 60 Languages".

Chakra Balancing

  • The Chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy located on the etheric body in a vertical line from the head to the pelvis.
  • They help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.
  • Specific essential oils and crystals assist and support spiritual development and awakening of the chakra energies.
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Self! Chakra Balancing Kit

Chakra Crystals
  • Kit contains: Aromatherapy Chakra Balancing Blend, 8 Chakra Crystals & Instructions for Self Chakra Balancing
Get the Kit Here