Body Treatments - Non-Spoilable


Salt Body Scrub

30 drops essential oils
1/2 c veg oil

Mix well, add:

1/2 c dead sea salts

Exfoliate Blend

Ground nuts
Fine Dead Sea salt
Fine granulated sugar
Essential oils
Add enough Holly Oil or melted Coconut Oil to make mix spreadable

White & Yellow Sugar Scrub

6 tablespoons total sugar (3 of each)
Enough holly oil to make liquid
15 drops of essential oils

Mix dry
Add holly and mix
Add essential oils and mix
Pour into container and seal.

Sea Salt & Sugar Scrub

6 tablespoons total sugar and salt (3 of each)
2 T dendritic sea salt to absorb essential oils
Enough holly oil to make liquid or leave out if you want a dry scrub
15 drops of essential oils

Mix sugars
Add holly and mix
Add essential oils and mix
Pour into container and seal.

Salt & Soy Oil Scrub

1 c sea salt
1/2 c soy oil
3 drops sage or eucalyptus essential oil

Blend in bowl.
Apply to damp skin

Native Body Glow

1 c dead sea salt
1/2 c wholewheat flour
1/2 c carrier oil
5 drops sage or cedarwood essential oil

Boosts circulation.
Mix, apply to damp skin, remove before 5 minutes with damp cloth.
Rinse thoroughly.

White, Yellow & Brown Sugar Scrub

9 T total sugar, 3 of each
Add enough oil to make liquid
15 drops essential oils

Daintree Detox Body Brush

Before shower or bath
Brush towards heart, following with freehand.
3 strokes on sides and middle.
Fast upward movements on buttocks and thighs, great for cellulite.
Clockwise movements on stomach.

Baths & Soaks

Coral Moon Restorative Herbal Bath, Australia

1 herbal bag (2 T each lemon balm, lemon verbena, marigold flowers, geranium flowers, mint leaves, 1/2 cup oats)
Coral moon bath oils (below)
Cold euc towel (below)

Add bag of herbs to bath water.
Add oil blend

Cold eucalyptus-fragranced towel

1 T vodka
15 drops essential oil
spring water in 1oz bottle

Spray on damp towel, chill.

Coral Moon Bath Oils

Tension and stress relief: ger, cls, rose, frank

Relax: cham, lav, or, pet

Refresh: pep, lem, berg

Detox and Energy Boost

1 c dried or micronized seaweed
1/2 c very hot water
Dissolve, add to 100F bath
3 drops lavender essential oil

Drink water after

Immune Booster Bath

1 c dead sea salts
4 drops tea tree, lemon essential oils
6 drops patchouli essential oil

Add dendritic salts to ess oils first

Muscle Fatigue Bath

3 T Epsom salts
2 drops marjoram, lavender, chamomile essential oils

Bath Salts

1 c Epsom
1 c fine sea salt
Essential oils 1 T dendritic salt

Add essential oils to dendritic salt first then into other salts

Bath Salts

3/4 c Epsom salts
1/4 c baking soda 1 1/2 c sea salt
10 drops essential oil
1 T dendritic salt
Mix essential oils with dendritic salt first to hold fragrance.

Epsom Salt Foot Soak

6 T Epsom salts
15 drops essential oils mixed with dendritic salt 10%

Wraps & Masks

Asian Spas Aromatic Body Pack

1 1/2 c green clay or fullers earth
1 c water
Make paste
Add rest, leave on 15 min
2 T honey
2 drops frankincense, vetiver essential oils
4 drops lavender or rose essential oil

Essential Wrap

Essential oil in carrier
Plastic bags
Water bottle or heat pad

Scrub, apply oil, put on bags, wrap in towels, surround with heat 15 min.

Aloe & Lavender Wrap

1 t fresh aloe vera pulp
10 T aloe vera gel
Mix and apply

lavender essential oil
1/2 c dist water
Mix, spray on
Leave on 20 min covered with sheet or sarong

2 c warm water
Juice of 4 lemons or limes
4 drops lavender essential oil
Rinse body, splash with mix, rinse

Daintree Body Mud, Australia

1 t dr seaweed
1 c water
Boil 5 min, cool
Mix rest
2 T kaolin clay
1 T rose water
2 T macadamia oil
1 T honey
1 drops peppermint
2 drops sandalwood
1 drop lavender
1 drop clary sage

Apply, leave 15 min, rinse with warm water

Scalp Deep Cleansing and Detox

1 T macadamia or coconut oil, warm
10 drops eucalyptus, rosemary or tea tree essential oil
Apply to roots of hair, massage to ends with circular movements on scalp
1 mashed avocado
Apply to ends, cover head in plastic cap, 10-15 min, shampoo twice then rinse with
2 T cider vinegar

Massage Blends

Post-Workout Massage

1 T avocado oil
10 drops marjoram
4 drops ginger
3 drops black pepper


Exotic Hand Cream

2 t honey
1/4 c coconut oil
Warm till combined, add rest, apply warm
10 drops vitamin e oil
10 drops rose, sandalwood essential oils
5 drops ylang ylang essential oil


Silky Dusting Powder

1/4 c cornstarch
1/2 arrowroot powder
1/2 t silk peptide powder
Essential oil

Mix powders and add essential oils


Body Mist

2 oz bottle filled with floral water or distilled water
Add essential oils and equal drops of polysorbate 20 to hold the oils in the water

Lav 10
Ger 6
Tea 5
Burns and irritations

Mosquito Spray

2 oz bottle filled with distilled water
Add essential oils and equal drops of polysorbate 20 to hold the oils in the water
Euc 8
Lemgr 10
Lav 8
Pep 8