The practice of deep breathing provides you with a way to focus your power and live in the moment.

~ Inhale through your nose deeply using your diaphragm and the muscles of your abdomen to fully expand
    your lungs.
~ As your lungs reach capacity, roll the breath over and use the same muscles to push the air out of your
    lungs through your mouth.
~ As you breathe in be aware of the breath coming in.
~ As you breathe out be aware of the breath going out.
~ Imagine the air like an ocean wave, cresting and rolling over the surface of your lungs.
~ Be aware of the rhythm of your heartbeat as it moves along with your breath.
~ On each in breath feel the power you are drawing into yourself.
~ On each out breath feel the elimination of old energy.
~ Connect the end of the in-breath to the beginning of the out-breath in a never ending circle of energy.
~ Whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation or are experiencing doubt, worry or negativity use
    the situation as a reminder to return to the natural rhythm of your breath.

Complete Breath

Sit erect but comfortable in a chair
hands in lap
close your eyes
breathe through your nose

Now, consciously draw the breath deeply
so that it scrapes the back of your throat
and flows down against your spine.
Let it go all the way down
till it can go no further
and it naturally flows upward into your
lower belly and navel.
When your belly is comfortably full
let the air rise and expand your ribs
and let your shoulders rise just a little.
You are now full of air.
You filled yourself from bottom to top
from belly to chest.

Now empty yourself from top to bottom
from chest to belly.
Compress the chest firmly
as if an invisible hand is pressed
upon its center.
Let shoulders down
exhale very slowly
very gently
no need to rush
your belly deflates automatically.
You have just completed one complete breath.