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Vibrational Healing Through the Chakra System

  • The Chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy located on the etheric body in a vertical line from the head to the pelvis.
  • The Chakra points govern the electromagnetic energy system for our bodies.
  • The Chakras are connected to the functions of the physical body through the endocrine glands and the spinal system.
  • They serve as focal points for the flow of energy from the physical to the subtle bodies (emotional, mental, etheric, etc.).
  • Vibrations can be absorbed or projected through the chakras. This vibration is transmitted into the vertebrae of the spine, then transferred along nerve pathways to the organs, tissues, etc to which they are linked.
  • The chakras mediate all energy within, coming into, and going out of the body.
  • They help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.
  • Specific essential oils and crystals assist and support spiritual development and awakening of the chakra energies.

8th Chakra
Divine Light

Location ~ area above crown chakra
Color ~ white, contains all the colors of the chakras within it, divine life essence, spiritual illumination, the light enters the apex of the head through the pineal gland, protection of the physical and mental body
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Neroil + Selenite, Clear White Calcite, Clear Quartz, Scolecite, Apophyllite

Crown Chakra
Spiritual Consciousness

Location ~ Top of head
Location on Foot ~ Tips of toe pads
Relationships ~ Divine
Positive Effects ~ Knowingness, Universal consciousness, spirituality, oneness, awareness & understanding of Divine order, our link to our spiritual essence, aligns us with the higher forces of the universe
Negative Effects ~ Attachment, materialism, fundamentalism, skepticism, apathy, anxiety, righteousness, dementia
Lessons In ~ Spirit
Color ~ Violet ~ the ray of spiritual mastery, the highest and most subtle specialization of light
Related Body Parts ~ Hair, central nervous system, brain
Element ~ All thoughts
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Frankincense + Tiger's Eye
Rosewood + Elestial Quartz, Apophyllite, Rutilated Smokey Quartz
Rose + Mangano Calcite, Watermelon Tourmaline
Lavender + Amethyst (opens & activates)
Sandalwood + Citrine, Mandarin
Clear Quartz (activates, clarity of consciousness)

Brow Chakra
Wisdom & Insight

Location ~ On forehead between eyebrows
Location on Foot ~ Lower parts of toe pads
Relationships ~ Inner self
Positive Effects ~ Intuition, clarity, wisdom, objectivity, perceptiveness, imagination, clairvoyance, creative visualization
Negative Effects ~ Denial, delusion, no focus, needy, poor insight, unable to see patterns, overly analytical
Lessons In ~ Psychic intelligence
Color ~ Indigo ~ self-mastery, wisdom, opens doors to the subconscious, restores long-buried soul memories, bridge between finite and infinite, assists and guides our inner journey to cosmic knowledge
Related Body Parts ~ Pituitary gland, eyes, ears
Element ~ Light
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Fluorite + Rosemary
Lapis Lazuli (activates & clears) or Sodalite + Lemon & Rosemary combo
Tigers Eye (enhances psychic ability) + Juniper

Throat Chakra
Voice of Truth

Location ~ Hollow of throat, 3rd cervical vertebrae
Location on Foot ~ Necks of all toes
Relationships ~ Compassion for all
Positive Effects ~ Speaking ones truth, living a congruent life, honesty, ability to connect intuition to action, creativity, expression of feelings
Negative Effects ~ Lies, inability to listen, controlling, lies to self, excessive talking, exaggeration and lacks integrity
Lessons In ~ Impeccability
Color ~ Turquoise blue ~ inspiration, devotion, inspires one toward greater heights of endeavor and attainment, the focusing point of the spoken word, through this center the indwelling spirit establishes communication with the outer world
Related Body Parts ~ Throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw, ears, teeth, gums, voice
Element ~ Ether
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Tea Tree + Green Fluorite
Blue German Chamomile + Amazonite, Blue Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura
Malachite (stimulates) + Clary Sage
Turquoise (facilitates communication skills)

Heart Chakra
Love & Compassion

Location ~ Center chest at heart level, 1st, 2nd & 3rd thoracic vertebrae
Location on Foot ~ Ball and fourth toe
Relationships ~ Others whom we love unconditionally
Positive Effects ~ Higher love, trust, compassion, humility, tolerance, forgiveness, easily gives & receives, boundaries
Negative Effects ~ Grief, martyrdom, jealousy, fear of abandonment, codependency, selfishness, loneliness, despair
Lessons In ~ Unconditional love
Color ~ Green ~ harmony, sympathy, abundance, balancing, Pink ~ is used for the heart chakra to symbolize softness, affection and love, encouraging the heart to soften and allow more love to flow
Related Body Parts ~ Heart, lungs, breast, thymus gland, arms and shoulders
Element ~ Air
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Aventurine (activates, clears, protects) + Rose
Rose + Rose Quartz (loving energy)
Bergamot + Watermelon Tourmaline (superior activation)
Black Pepper
Chrysoprase (activates)
Bloodstone (centering & grounding)
Carrotseed or Clary Sage + Malachite

Solar Plexus Chakra
Personal Power

Location ~ Solar plexus, 8th thoracic vertebrae
Location on Foot ~ Below the ball, upper half of instep and third toe
Relationships ~ Self
Positive Effects ~ Self-confidence, courageous, meets challenges, self-respect, acts on intuition, playful, purposeful and healthy, power, confidence, center of will
Negative Effects ~ Shame, victim mind-set, meek, lacks spontaneity, needs approval, proud, insecure, judgmental
Lessons In ~ Personal power
Color ~ Yellow ~ mind, intellect, high intelligence; the solar plexus is the organizing brain of the nervous system, our power center and equalizer
Related Body Parts ~ Stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, adrenals
Element ~ Fire
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Juniper + Moonstone, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye(promotes intuition)

Sacral Chakra
Self Expression

Location ~ Lower abdomen, 1st lumbar vertebrae, 2" below navel
Location on Foot ~ Just above heel, lower half of instep and second toe
Relationships ~ Individuals
Positive Effects ~ Passionate, loyal, joyful, expressive, integrity, balanced, energy, intimacy, creativity
Negative Effects ~ Guilt, addictions, betrayal, emotionally blocked, lacks self-discipline, abuses sex & money
Lessons In ~ Self-expression
Color ~ Orange ~ energy, the integration of red (personality) and yellow (wisdom) are used to overcome anger and establish self-control, warm, positive, stimulating
Related Body Parts ~ Bladder, sex organs, lower back, spleen, intestines
Element ~ Water
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Carnelian (physical energy, creativity, compassion)
Smokey Quartz
Jasmine + Red Jasper
Sandalwood + Citrine
Orange Calcite

Base Chakra
Survival & Roots

Location ~ Base of spine, 4th sacral vertebrae
Location on Foot ~ Heel and small toe
Relationships ~ Family groups
Positive Effects ~ Stability, self-preservation, safety, strong sense of birthright, responsibility, autonomous, life-force center, sexuality
Negative Effects ~ Survival issues, ungrounded, lack of belonging, irresponsible, depression, greed, materialism
Lessons In ~ Survival
Color ~ Red ~ life, strength, vitality, physical
Related Body Parts ~ Anus, large intestine, legs, immune system, sciatic nerve
Element ~ Earth
Essential Oils & Crystals ~
Patchouli + Black Obsidian (grounding), Apache Tears, Bloodstone
Vetiver + Black Tourmaline (stabilizes, dispels negativity)
Frankincense or Rosewood + Black Tourmalinated Quartz
Garnet (stimulates)
Myrrh + Hematite (treats & closes)

Self Chakra Balancing Kit !

A Do-it-Yourself-Kit for Chakra Balancing

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    Balances, energizes and clears base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown & 8th Chakras.
    Blend contains an essential oil and a small healing crystal specific to each chakra in a non-staining carrier oil.
    Choose from either spray or squeeze bottles.
  • A set of 8 Chakra Crystals with organza bag.
  • Self-Chakra Balancing Instructions to balance yourself!
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Aromatherapy Crystal
Massage Class

  • Combine the advantages of massage, the benefits of essential oils and the healing properties of crystals to balance and harmonize your whole being.
  • Learn the techniques of vibrational healing through the chakra system by applying essential oils and crystals to the chakra points on the body.
  • The chakra system distributes energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.
  • Also learn to use essential oil blends with crystal spheres & wands in a full body massage technique.
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Crystals for all Chakras

  • Celestite ~ clears all
  • Clear White Calcite ~ stimulates energy of all
  • Chrysoprase ~ aligns all
  • Green Fluorite ~ cleansing & renewing
  • Garnet ~ removes negative energy from all
  • Moonstone ~ cleanses negativity from all
  • Turquoise ~ elevates & attunes all
  • Rose Quartz ~ balances energies of all
  • Clear Quartz ~ opens all
  • Citrine ~ balances energies and aligns with ethereal plane

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