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"balances opposites, release of bad habits & negative emotions"    brings consciousness to present, balances emotional body, removes blockages in meridians & helps to get to root of cause, stimulates physical vibration, patient persistence, support in treatment of cancer or heart disease.

*Winners will be selected at random on March 25, 2015. Only 1 entry per email address.

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On Sale this Week!       $10 off!

Purple Rainbow Fluorite Sphere Rainbow Purple Fluorite

1.75 inches - $35      $25
"clears energy fields, dissipates emotional trauma, anxiety, arthritis, spine & nerve pain"

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Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Moonstone, Rainbow #1

1  5/8 inches - $45      $35
"vitality, inner peace, enthusiasm, self-appreciation, optimism, stimulates awakening of the Rainbow Body of Light, supports the body to overcome fatigue & depression" Sterling Silver

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Red & Green Chlorite Generator Red Green Chlorite Point

1.75 inches - $25      $15
"self-healing, linking with Earth & Nature spirits, cleanse body energy, painkiller, detox, encourages helpful bacteria, a generator focuses healing energy from the earth, through the point to recharge depleted energy in the body"

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