Crystal Energy Field

Aromatherapy Crystal Massage

A new way of Healing with Crystals & Gemstones !
Try a Vibrational Crystal Massage Technique.

"Here are a few of the basic techniques required to perform the Aromatherapy Crystal Massage.

For Complete Instructions in the Full Body Aromatherapy Crystal Massage with lots more videos Click Here"

  Caged Circles ~ Vibrational Technique ~

            It's all about the spin !

            To achieve vibration with a Healing Crystal Sphere ~ Hold a sphere on the body with your fingers forming a cage around
            sphere. Move your hand in small circles allowing crystal to spin and roll within the cage of your hand. Adjust the speed of
            your circles to keep the crystal spinning.

   By spinning the crystal, you are creating a vibration which will transfer to the body and accelerate the healing.
            As the crystal is spinning it is emitting a subtle vibration, connecting with all levels of the physical body & aura.
            Work fairly small circles altering the speed of the spin from slow to fast, keeping crystal spinning.

Add a new dimension of healing with Essential Oils ~

            Apply a few drops of Crystal-Infused Aromatherapy Massage Blend to the area of the body you were just working on.
            Repeat the Caged Circle Technique again with the same Healing Crystal Sphere.
            The Essential oils will align or synchronize with the Healing Crystal's energy creating a unique vibrational signature.
            The healing properties of both the Crystal and Essential Oils are heightened by using them as a team !

  Sphere Pressure Circles ~

            Hold a Healing Crystal Sphere on the body with your fingers forming a cage around sphere. Move your hand in small circles
            while gently pressing sphere into body with your palm. Keep your fingers slightly curved around the sphere to keep it in place.

  Palm Stone Circles One Hand ~

            Hold a Palm Stone in the palm of your hand – glide over body area making small circles.

  Palm Stone Circles Two Hands ~

            Hold a Palm Stone in each hand, hold both hands together at the thumbs and glide over body area making large circles.

  Palm Stone Shake ~

            Hold a Palm Stone in one hand, pressing into muscled areas shake your hand back and forth creating a shake in muscle, like
            scrubbing with a brush.

      This move is great for breaking up the "glue" holding muscle fibres locked together.

  Wand Roll ~

            Lay Massage Wand flat on body area.
            Roll wand with palm, back and forth, gradually working in a line.