• Maintain an attitude of nurturing and love toward yourself and your pet.
  • Use a small amounts of oil on your hands if using oil.

The Crystal Meditation for You and Your Pet
  1. Open your mind, still your body and free your spirit to be more receptive to the healing energy of crystals.
  2. Surround yourself with as much quiet as possible.
  3. Make yourself comfortable.
  4. Apply some essential oil blend to your hands and inhale the aroma.
  5. Hold your pet in your lap or sit with them on the floor.
  6. Hold a crystal in each hand or one crystal with both hands. Spread the oil on the crystal.
  7. Hold the crystals against your petís body.
  8. Close your eyes.
  9. Feel the energy of each crystal in your hand.
  10. Inhale the aroma of the oils periodically.
  11. Imagine this crystal energy flowing through your pet, up your arms and into your shoulders and chest.
  12. Allow it to fill both your chests and hearts.
  13. Let it flow up into your heads.
  14. When the crystal energy reaches the center of your mind it starts to see your thoughts.
  15. One by one, each thought floats towards the crystal energy and disappears into it.
  16. This happens again and again until all your thoughts have floated away.
  17. Now the crystal energy drifts slowly down your bodies.
  18. It flows back past your chests and surrounds your hearts, gently bathing your hearts in clear, calm crystal energy.
  19. See the energy flowing into your petís chest and surrounding their heart the same way.
  20. From your hearts, this energy flows into your bellies and pelvises, down your legs and into your feet and through your toes, until both your bodies are filled with clear, calm crystal energy.
  21. Allow both of you to bathe in this crystal energy for several minutes.
  22. Just relax and enjoy it.
  23. Let it wash away any worries, discomfort or pain you or your pet may be feeling.
  24. When you feel you are ready, slowly become aware of your body and your pet's body.
  25. Notice how both feel.
  26. Slowly open your eyes and enjoy your space as you look at your pet.
  27. Now is a good time to do a crystal massage for yourself or your pet.