Deep Relaxation

Lie on your back with your eyes closed,
your arms comfortably away from your body,
your hands palms up, your legs spread comfortably apart,
your feet angled outwards from the heels.
If you can do so comfortably,
keep the small of your back against the floor,
if not, try some support.
Breathe through your nose slowly and gently.
Do this for a few minutes.
Simply be aware of the passing of air in and out of the nostrils
nothing more.
If thoughts distract you
allow them to be
and return to the breath.
They will leave when they see you are not interested in them.
Now feel the weight of your body, feel the pull of gravity,
surrender to it.
Give in to gravity.
Take plenty of time to do this,
it will reconnect you with the Earth.
Now feel your contact with the ground.
Become aware of this contact
exactly between the ground and you.
from the edge of your heels to the back of your head
and every place in between.
Slowly discover.
Take plenty of time to do this.
You may never have felt how the ground supports you.
Feel the heaviness of your body again.
You are sinking, sinking into the ground.
The Earth is caring for you.
The Great Mother holds you in the palm of her loving hand.
Let go of your concerns.
You have nothing to do but lie here, nestled in her palm.
Let go, enjoy this feeling of being totally
and effortlessly supported.
Though your body is heavy you may feel as if you are floating.
This is natural, now that you have let go of your concerns.
You are light.
This ends the deep relaxation.