Out of the Earth

Flower Essences are liquid solutions made from individual plant flowers; each containing a specific imprint that responds in a balancing, repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

These essences were first created by Dr. Edward Bach who taught that the basis of disease was to be found in the disharmony between spiritual and mental aspects of a being.

These emotional states lower the body's vitality and allows disease to be present. The Flower Essences are for treatment of the mood and temperament of the being, not the physical illness.

Physical disease caused by an emotion does not respond readily to antibiotics or chemical drugs and resists other forms of physical healing as well. This is because the ailment is a symptom and not the disease itself. Contrary to popular out-moded beliefs, animals have feelings and can experience stress. They react to changes in their environment and are affected by their person's moods.
Once a medical problem has been ruled out as the cause of the disturbance, Flower Essences can help to return the animal's mental, emotional and spiritual levels to balance.

Flower Essences can be taken as follows: Give undiluted directly into the mouth.

Individual Flower Essences
For those who are so distressed that they express their problems through chewing on themselves or pacing.

For vague fears of unknown origin. Apprehensive that something terrible is going to happen but for no known reason.

For those who need to be more tolerant of another animal or person in their home.

For those who are over-anxious to please others. Weak-willed, dominated by others.

For those who lack sufficient confidence in themselves. Inattentive, unfocused.

Uncontrolled outbreaks of temper due to fear or aggression; having the impulse to do something which is known to be wrong. Frantic during travel.

Helpful in training situations. For those who fail to learn from their mistakes, therefore repeating the same mistakes before the lesson is learned. Breaking bad habits.

For the animal who does not like being left alone, separation anxiety, constantly underfoot or on your lap demanding attention. They can be over-protective, possessive, jealous, clingy.

For those who are dreamy, drowsy, spacey, not fully awake. Lethargic. Helps to regain consciousness after anesthesia.

For detoxification during illness or injury.

For feelings of inadequacy or depression arising from a sense of being overwhelmed by responsibilities. Especially good for show or working dogs.

For depression, long-term stress.

For terminal illness. When it seems that nothing more can be done and there is no hope or relief.

For the insecure animal who needs attention. Barking.

For those who are disturbed by feelings of hate, jealousy, distrust, suspicion, aggression and acts out with biting or attacks.

For feelings of homesickness or grieving; if their primary person or pet companion has been removed. When moving and trying to acclimatize the pet to new surroundings.

For weariness or mental exhaustion. To help strengthen runts or any sickly animal. Builds confidence.

For anxiety, impatience, irritability, jangled nerves, excessive reactions.

For those who feel inferior and lack confidence. Helpful for the runt or low animal in the pecking order. For the animal who is dominated by another animal and/or is fearful of them. Distrust.

For fear of known things such as loud noises, vet cisits, thunder, vacuum cleaners, etc.

For depression or deep sadness for no known reason, as if a dark cloud were overhead eliminating all joy and light. Mood swings, old and cranky, females in season.

For patience during times of stress or hard work.

For complete mental and/or physical exhaustion.

For those who have been rejected by their people, for any animal in a shelter.

For states of terror, alarm, hysteria and panic. For states of extreme fear brought about by accident, illness, nightmares, etc.

For picky eaters.

Car sickness. Lacking inner balance.

For the great distress brought about by trauma, past, present, physical and psychological. For the mental/emotional effects surrounding the shock resulting from being in a shelter, accidents or abuse.

for chronic psychological stress leading to being high-strung.

For highly strung animals with a great deal of nervous energy, hard to keep from jumping or barking. Hyper-active.

For the dominating animal, bossy.

For protection against outside influences during major periods of transition such as moving, new people or animals in the house, heat cycles.

For those who are independent, aloof and self-reliant preferring to be alone even in times of trouble and illness, loners. For dogs socialized late, stand-offish. For dogs who are part wild.

Flower Essence Blends

    Blends of several flower essences have been prepared in a plastic squeeze bottle in a water base. Custom blends can also be prepared if these do not meet your animalsí needs.

    All blends are given by mouth 4 drops 4 times a day until symptoms diminish. The flower essences clear from the body within four to six hours leaving no residue behind.

Prices :     2 oz.  $5.00     4 oz.   $9.00

helps with known and unknown fears such as vet visits, loud noises, storms, animals nervous in new circumstances, submissive, shy, skittish, anxious, fear of being alone, panic, terror.
At one time or another all animals experience fear. for some, however, this highly emotional state has lowered the body's vitality and has allowed dis-ease to be present.
For animals who have deep fears of known or unknown causes which recur often, the Fear Blend is recommended.

A synergistic blend has been prepared from four individual flower essences. This blend will go to work to help with the added trauma and anxiety created by the fear.
Simply administer four drops of the essence four times a day. There are no ill-effects and the blend is cleared from the body within four to six hours with no residual remaining in the body.
In a very short time you will start to notice the positive benefits of this blend on your animal.

for animals who are quick to anger, bossy, dominant, prone to attack unprovoked, over-protective.

Calm Down
over-exuberant, pacing, restless, high-strung, barking, chewing, destructive, hyperactive.

upset when left alone, lethargic, low self-esteem, lack of confidence.

Show Dog Stress
increase presence in ring, increase patience, confidence, self-esteem, relieves stress, calms animals who feel over-whelmed.

Rescue and Shelter Stress
for deep emotional or physical trauma, despondency, distrust, past abuse, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, rejection, terror, panic, anger, agressiveness. Recommended for any animal who is in a shelter or is obtained from a rescue or shelter situation.