Out of the Earth

Flower Essences are liquid solutions made from individual plant flowers; each containing a specific imprint that responds in a balancing, repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

These essences were first created by Dr. Edward Bach who taught that the basis of disease was to be found in the disharmony between spiritual and mental aspects of a being.

These emotional states lower the body's vitality and allows disease to be present. The Flower Essences are for treatment of the mood and temperament of the being, not the physical illness.

Physical disease caused by an emotion does not respond readily to antibiotics or chemical drugs and resists other forms of physical healing as well. This is because the ailment is a symptom and not the disease itself.

Flower Essences can be taken as follows:
1) Give undiluted directly into the mouth.
2) Add several drops of essence to your essential oil massage blend.

Individual Flower Essences
The "tough-it-out" remedy. For those who are so distressed by disagreements that they would keep the peace at the expense of not expressing their own opinions or revealing their problems. Attempts are made to conceal torturing thoughts and inner restlessness behind a facade of cheerfulness and freedom from care. They also may support this with drugs and alcohol.

The "unknown fear" remedy. For vague fears of unknown origin. Apprehensive that something terrible is going to happen but for no known reason.

The "nit-picker" remedy. For those who need to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the ways in which others are different. For those who are arrogant, hypercritical and judgmental of others.

The "co-dependant" remedy. For those who are over-anxious to serve others to the point where they become more servants than willing helpers. Easily exploited, can't say no. Weak-willed, they often neglect their own mission in life.

The "puppet" remedy. For those who lack sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions and are constantly seeking and often being misled by the advice of others.

The "over-the-edge" remedy. Fear of letting go inside, fear of losing control over mind or body. Uncontrolled outbreaks of temper; having the impulse to do something which is known to be wrong.

The "rut" remedy. For those who fail to learn from their own past experiences and by observing others. They therefore repeat the same mistakes before the lesson is learned.

The "gimmee" remedy. For those overly concerned for the needs of those close to them. Excessively interfering and secretly manipulating. They continually correct what they consider wrong and enjoy doing this. They can be over-protective and possessive.

The "day-dreamer" remedy. For those who are dreamy, drowsy, spacey, not fully awake, living more in the future than in the present. With little involvement in the here-and-now they look to the future in hope of happier times.

The "unclean" remedy. For those who have a poor self image or who somehow feel contaminated or unclean. For feelings of shame, self-disgust or unattractiveness. For detoxification.

The "over-whelmed" remedy. For feelings of inadequacy or depression arising from a sense of being overwhelmed by the responsibilities one has undertaken.

The "black-cloud" remedy. For those who are easily discouraged. For doubt and despondency caused by small delays or hindrances to daily progress. Skeptical, pessimistic.

The "oh, what's the use" remedy. When it seems that nothing more can be done and there is no hope or relief.

The "self-obsessed" remedy. For those who avoid being alone by incessantly talking about their affairs with others, no matter who they are. Self-centered, needy-child.

The "apocalypse" remedy. For those who are disturbed by feelings of hate, jealousy, envy, distrust, suspicion and revenge. For strong states antipathetic to love.

The "living-in-the-past" remedy. For those who look upon the past as a happier time. For feelings of nostalgia and homesickness. Instead of living in the present they are pre-occupied with the good old days.

The "Monday morning" remedy. For that Monday morning feeling, when some part of mind or body seems to need strengthening before we can carry on our daily work. Weariness, mental exhaustion, procrastination.

The "nervous Nelly" remedy. Intolerance for the inability of others to keep up with our own pace in getting things done. This often leads to a desire to work alone. Quick in thought and action desiring no delays. Impatient, irritable, excessive reactions.

The "wimp" remedy. For those who feel inferior and lack confidence in their own abilities. Anticipating failure, they make little or no attempt to succeed.

The "known fear" remedy. For fear of known things such as poverty, the dark, being alone, heights, accidents, other people, etc.

The "gloom and doom" remedy. For the sudden onset of gloom, depression or deep sadness for no known reason, as if a dark cloud were overhead eliminating all joy and light.

The "burdened" remedy. For those who struggle on ceaselessly despite hardships and great odds, never giving up when ill or over-worked. Overly persistent in accomplishing goals.

The "exhaustion" remedy. For complete mental and/or physical exhaustion, when no more strength remains to make further effort.

The "guilt" remedy. For those who blame themselves. Even when successful they feel they could have done better and are never content with their efforts or results. They may even claim responsibility for a mistake made by another.

The "smothering" remedy. For those who are over-anxious and concerned for the safety and well-being of others, often neglecting their own needs.

The "panic" remedy. For states of terror, alarm, hysteria and panic. For states of extreme fear brought about by accident, illness, nightmares, etc.

The "anal-retentive" remedy. For those who are strict in their way of living, adhering to rigid ideals and beliefs and often doing without joy in life. They are hard masters to themselves, supressing inner needs, often wishing to be an example to others.

The "should I/shouldn't I" remedy. For those who have difficulty in deciding between two things, first the one seeming right, then the other. Opinions and moods change from one moment to the next. Lacking inner balance.

The "shock" remedy. "The comforter and soother of pains and sorrows". For the great distress brought about by trauma. For the mental/emotional effects surrounding the shock resulting from accidents, serious news, the loss of someone dear, etc.

The "end-of-the-world" remedy. For unbearable anguish, absolute dejection. When mind or body seems to have reached the outer-most limit of endurance. When all that seems to remain is destruction and annihilation.

The "high-strung" remedy. For those with fixed ideals and principles wishing to convert those around them to their views. Always teaching and philosophizing, they can be over-enthusiastic, fanatical and over-bearing. May be high-strung and overactive.

The "field-marshall" remedy. For those who can be dictatorial and tyrannical, dominating, striving for power.

The "butterfly" remedy. For protection and constancy against outside influences during major periods of transition such as moving, breaking old or forming new relationships, changing jobs, etc.

The "loner" remedy. For those who are independent, aloof and self-reliant preferring to be alone even in times of trouble and illness. Feels superiority in isolation, little emotional involvement.

The "squirrel's cage" remedy. For those who cannot prevent thoughts, ideas oarguments which they do not desire from entering their minds. These seem to circle round and round disturbing peace of mind and concentration.

The "chasing rainbows" remedy. For those who have ambition to do something of prominence in life, but they have difficulty in determining which occupation to follow. This may cause dissatisfaction and delay.

The "apathy" remedy. For those who are indifferent and resigned to all that happens. They make no effort to improve their situation, surrendering without complaint and finding no joy.

The "wet blanket" remedy. For those who are resentful or bitter over adverse events in life which have befallen them. They feel they are undeserving of life's injustices. Poor me, victim of fate.

Flower Essence Blends

    Blends of several flower essences have been prepared in a plastic squeeze bottle in a water base. Custom blends can also be prepared if these do not meet your needs.
    All blends are taken by mouth 4 drops 4 times a day until symptoms diminish. The flower essences clear from the body within four to six hours leaving no residue behind.

Prices :     2 oz   $5.00     4 oz.   $9.00

helps with known and unknown fears and phobias, shyness, anxiety, nightmares.

over-exuberance, restless, nervous, hyperactive, chronic psychological stress.

loneliness, discouraged, lethargic, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, hopelessness, inferiority.

Abuse Stress
deep emotional or physical trauma, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, rejection, distrust, despondency, panic, anger.

Performance Stress
increase confidence and self-esteem, relieves depression, stress, doubt, increases patience and decision-making ability, calms over-whelming feelings.

Martial Arts
enhances concentration, centeredness, inner balance, empowers Ki or Chi.

Meditation and Yoga
detoxification of mind and spirit, harmonize nervous system, visualization, inner peace and inspiration, empowers crown chakra.