A Healing Space

Over All Room Basics

  • Remember to make every effort to bring as much "calm" into the room as possible.

  • Set aside a room dedicated to massage and not also being used for storage or an office.

  • Choose paint that is neutral in color, use minimal wall hangings and knick-knacks, less clutter is more relaxing.

  • Use a nebulizer or diffuser that uses cold to pump essential oils like calming grapefruit into the air.
       Click Here to see the Nebulizers.

  • Smudge room frequently to cleanse energy. Click Here to see the Smudge Sticks.

  • No phones.

  • Make sure you will have no interruptions at the door while massaging.

  • If you have a clock in the room, make sure it is not one that ticks loudly.

  • Have a space dedicated for the client to put their clothes and belongings.

  • Have the room totally set up before the client arrives.
       The less fussing around that you have to do, the more relaxed your client will feel.

  • Set out all oils and tools on a tray or small table.

  • If you are doing a pedicure at a salon, have all products on a tray or basket beside you.

  • Flowers are a nice touch, fresh if possible.

  • Remember to always present yourself clean, well coifed, hands clean, nails manicured and pedicured and non-stressed.

  • If doing a foot treatment, let client soak in a footbath beforehand.
       Use small tumbled crystals in the bath for client to roll feet back and forth over.

  • Try to stay away from creating too strong of a "theme" in your massage room.
       Too heavy of a religious, ethnic, sensual, hippie, gothic or new age theme can offend some people or
       conjure images of something other than healing.


  • Keep room vacuumed and organized.

  • Bleach sheets to keep from looking stained.


  • CD's ~ Set to continually play if possible.

  • Use a CD player with a remote so you can re-start CD if it stops during massage. (CD's hate oil)

  • MP3 Player ~ fill an i pod with soothing spa music and hit play.

  • Choose music like calming ocean waves or other soothing spa music. Avoid loud piano, drums, guitar.

    Water Feature

  • You can use a fountain to provide the room with the calming sound of running water,
       but keep in mind that some people's bladders are stimulated by that sound.


  • Use lamps as opposed to an over-head light.

  • Use Himalayan salt or crystal lamps to infuse the room with negative ions for relaxation. Click Here to see the Lamps.

  • A few candles in the room adds a calming touch.

    Client Comfort

  • Supply your client with a spa wrap to wear. Velcro closure does up in front. Bed, Bath & Beyond for $20.

  • Slippers from the dollar store for $2.

  • Hair bands to protect hair from getting oiled from Winners for $5.

  • Fluffy towels from Winners $12.

  • Make a cup of herb or green tea or water with lemon and bring it to your client after they are re-dressed.
       Don't forget one for yourself!

    Massage Table

  • Dress your table in clean white or off-white fitted & flat sheets with a face cradle cover.

  • Top that with a micro-fiber blanket or large fluffy towel.

  • Try to co-ordinate your colors so the table looks inviting and clean. Avoid the "patch-work-quilt effect".