Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

  • For an acute situation involving a tumor, cancer, leukemia or aids.

  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade from the Health Food Store only.

  • Make up a 3% dilution by mixing 11 drops of water with 1 drop hydrogen peroxide.

  • Give by syringe into the mouth daily until you see some improvement in the animal's condition.

  • Once the situation has improved you can decrease the dosage giving for 2 days, then skip a day.

  • Still seeing improvement you can then move to giving the dosage every other day.

I started my 2 cats, Saffron & Marmalade on the 4 Herb & Red Clover tinctures at the beginning of February 2007.
They both had been diagnosed with feline AIDS.
I noticed an improvement immediately as both cats were more energetic, gained a couple of pounds in body weight,
was more alert & awake throughout the day. Both were grooming themselves more frequently & more
extensively rather than a quick wash up when their mouths were sore.

However, the herbal treatment only seemed to go so far.
About 2 1/2 -3 weeks into the program they started to lose some improvement & the mouth inflammation was taking a turn for the worse.
The weight gain had been lost & the energy levels decreased. Also, giving the dosage 3 4 times daily was very traumatic for both cats.
Both cats' conditions were at the acute end of the scale so this herbal combination could only take them so far.
I knew about hydrogen peroxide therapy before but was unsure about trying it.
I also knew that the 3% hydrogen peroxide you buy at the pharmacy was not FOOD GRADE & THEREFORE NOT TO BE TAKEN INTERNALLY.
I went to a health food store & bought FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide at 35% which is a huge difference from 3%.
On the bottle of the FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide 35% is a formula to make a 3% solution.
1 drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide to 11 drops of purified water makes a 3% solution.
If your animal friend's condition is acute as mine were you would syringe the solution into their mouths.
I did this formula once a day for 2 days in a row then rested - did not give them a dose on the third day,
then repeated once a day for 2 days & rest on the third day for a month.

The results are just short of miraculous for both cats.
Mouth inflammation has cleared up & Saffron( who had the worst inflammation & could barely eat enough to stay alive has gained 6
pounds in a month & is continuing to gain. She acts like a kitten chasing catnip toys around whereas before she was in too much pain
to really enjoy anything. She is also the alpha female but in the last year has spent most of her time keeping a low profile,
but since she has been on the FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide she is definitely coming out of seclusion & has resumed her position as
alpha female. Marmalade has also gained significant weight & is more playful than I have seen him in 4 years since his mouth
inflammation problems started. Both cats are 10 years old.
If your animal friend's condition is not acute 2 to 3 drops of 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water will help
keep their immune system stronger to fight off viruses, bacterial infections & much more.