Crystal Massage & Meditation Kits for Pets

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Healing Crystal Massage for Pets!

Great for your Dog, Cat and most other pets!

  •         Each Kit will look similar to the kit pictured here and will contain:
  • 1 Healing Crystal (similar to pictures below) + Info Card
  • Instructions for both Massage & Meditation with your Pet
  • 1 Organza Bag for your Kit
  • FREE! Videos of the Crystal Massage Techniques for Dogs! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS


De-Stress Kit

  • kit comes with an Aventurine Crystal
  • balances central nervous system,
    uplifting, reviving, stimulating,
    energizing, grounding, instills
    positive feelings of confidence,
    peace & joy.
De-Stress Kit - $10


Pain Kit

  • kit comes with a Fluorite Crystal
  • Helps to control muscle spasms,
    reduce swelling, relieve pain, relax muscles.
    Relieves pain & stiffness of arthritis.
Pain Kit - $10

Rescue Stress

Rescue Kit

  • kit comes with a Rose Quartz Crystal
  • For pets rescued from a shelter situation.
  • Relieves stress & anxiety, eases the transition.
Rescue Stress Kit - $10

  FREE! for Your Pet! Rose Quartz

Rescue Kit comes with a Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Charm FREE!

Clip to your pet's collar, leash, harness or cage

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Kit

  • kit comes with an Orange Calcite Crystal
  • calms swirling emotions, help tremors to subside.
Separation Anxiety Kit - $10

Immune Boost

Immune Boost Kit

  • kit comes with a Moss Agate Crystal
  • Promotes cell growth, rebuilds tissues,
    energizes organs, improves meridian flow
    and circulation, fortifies the body to fight
    dis-ease and infection, stimulates
    production of white corpuscles
    and antibodies.
Immune Boost Kit - $10


					De-Tox Kit

  • kit comes with a Citrine Crystal
  • balances, clears and protects against
    absorption of negative energies.
De-Tox Kit - $10


Recuperation Kit

  • kit comes with a Carnelian Crystal
  • courage, vitality, confidence,
    strengthens blood and stamina,
    increase personal power & energy
Recuperation Kit - $10

Cancer ~ Stress Relief & Immune Support

Cat Cancer ~ Stress Relief & Immune Support Kit

  • kit comes with a Snowflake Obsidian Crystal
  • supports spiritual healing of cancer,
    boosts immune system, helps to relieve
    stress, promotes perseverance & insight,
    inspires belief in oneself.
Cancer - Stress Relief Kit - $10

Calming & Grounding

 Calming & Grounding Kit

  • kit comes with a Petrified Wood Crystal
  • inner peace, grounding, strength, recovery, connection to Earth
Calming & Grounding Kit - $10

Performance Vitality

Performance Vitality Kit

  • kit comes with a Carnelian Crystal
  • for "The Show Dog"
  • boosts confidence, presence, calms, soothes nerves, jitters, stage fright.
Performance Vitality Kit - $10

Chakra Balancing Kit

  • Kit comes with Set of 8 Chakra Crystals
  • Balances, energizes and clears base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat,
    brow, crown and 8th chakras.
  • Chakra Balancing Instructions - for Cleansing & Balancing Your Pet's Chakras!
Chakra Balancing Kit $20