Meditation ~ The Cornerstone of Spiritual Awakening

  Communication with the Cosmic Consciousness.
  A quieting of the mind and body and an awakening of the spirit in order to receive messages
      from the spiritual realm.
  A quieting of the mind-body system and an opening of the spiritual system.
  Experience your oneness with all things.
  Become more aware of ourselves and others as spiritual beings.
  Transform your physical reality into spiritual purpose.
  Hear what you need to do as spirit.
  Balance body, mind and spirit.
  Eliminate negative, debilitating energies such as pain, doubt, hate, criticism, judgement,
      guilt and grief then fill your body with your own unique spiritual energy.


  Choose a quiet place.
  Sit comfortably with spine erect, feet flat on floor, hands resting on lap.
  Keeping your hands and feet apart allows your energy to flow freely.
  Breathe deeply and regularly filling your lungs to capacity and fully exhaling.

Clearing and Grounding

  Grounding creates a safe feeling so that you can infuse your body with more of your spiritual energy.
  Visualize an energy cord flowing from your base chakra or tailbone area,
      that extends to the center of the earth.
  Relax, breathe and experience the spiritual connection that you have with Mother Earth.
  You can also use this grounding cord to release stress and old unwanted energies from your body
      into the earth for healing.
  You can practice this technique anytime, not just during meditation, to help you to remain clear and
      grounded throughout your day.


  Focus your attention into the center of your head. Find the place behind the brow chakra,
      (in the center of your forehead), and between your ears where your spiritual self resides.
  Remember, as you move your attention to the center of your head,
      allow all unwanted energies to flow out the energy cord and into the earth.
  Putting your attention into the center of your head stimulates your spiritual self to open and develop.

Love Meditation

Love Meditation
Love Meditation

Love Meditation
Love Meditation

Love Meditation
Love Meditation