Natural Healing for Pets with Crystals & Massage

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Take a Hands-On Approach to your Pet's Health & Healing
with These Simple Tools and Techniques!

Crystal healing is non-invasive and harmless. It can be used for balancing emotions, reducing stress and fear, clearing energy blockages, energizing and rejuvenating the physical body, boosting the immune system, treating common illnesses and reducing symptoms of acute and chronic conditions.

Try Crystal Massage with your Pet!

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Starring Harley, the Wonder Dog!
  • De-Stress your Pet!
  • Re-Discover an Ancient Healing Technique! Crystal Massage!
  • Dogs will instantly align themselves to the Crystal's Vibration
De-Stress your Pet!
Massage your own pet to help relieve muscle & joint pain, arthritis, injuries, increase energy,
help with behavioral problems & more.

    Each Kit Contains ~

  • 1 Healing Crystal
  • 2 sets of instructions; one for Crystal Massage and one for Meditation with your pet.
  • Kits for Pain, Separation Anxiety, De-Stress, Immune Boost, Rescue Stress & more
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  • Kit comes with Set of 8 Chakra Crystals
  • Balances, energizes and clears base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat,
    brow, crown and 8th chakras.
  • Chakra Balancing Instructions - for Cleansing & Balancing Your Pet's Chakras!

Crystal Chakra Balancing Kit $20

  • Apply gel to paper towel and wipe feet.
  • Use before a walk to protect immune system from germs picked up in public.
  • Use after a walk to remove germs & bacteria.
  • Contains Essential Oils of Tea Tree & Lavender in an Aloe base.
  • Cooling and healing for minor abrasions on paw pads.
  • Contains no alcohol.
1 oz - $10
2 oz - $15

Here are some ways to introduce Crystal Healing into your Pet's daily life...

  •   Crystal Massage - complete instructions for doing a full-body Healing Crystal Massage on your pet.
  •   Crystal Meditation - hold your pet and follow the instructions in the kits below to do a healing meditation for you and your pet.
  •   Crystal Charm - hang a Healing Crystal enclosed in a wire cage on your pet's enclosure or bed.
  •   In Bedding - place crystals in or under your pet's bed. Place small crystals in a pouch so they won't be mistaken for toys or food.
  •   Room Enhancement place crystals in areas where your pet likes to be. These healing tools double as stunning room decorations.
  •   Healing Crystals in Pet's Drinking Water - Crystals can also be placed in drinking water.
    Warning ! Certain crystals are poisonous if licked or swallowed. Malachite and several other crystals contain high levels of toxic metals. Also use crystals that are too large to swallow. Contact us for help in choosing a crystal.
  •   Wear a Healing Crystal Pendant or Healing Crystal Ring - yourself when you spend time with your pet.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage for Dogs

  • Helps to relieve pain of muscles, arthritis & hip displasia.
  • De-Stress & Anti-Anxiety!
  • Relieve symptoms of dis-ease.

Give your dog a stress-relieving massage with essential oil blends. Help to relieve muscle pain and the pain of arthritis and hip displasia. Speed healing of all body functions. Help to restore energy flow to all parts of the body. Calm your dog in case of injury or trauma. Essential oil blends created especially for dogs by a certified Aromatherapist will be supplied for the massage.

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Fluorite Massage Crystal

  • helps to heal spine and nerve pain
  • helps muscle and arthritis pain
  • helps to relieve emotional trauma
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  • Free Charm with the purchase of a
    Crystal Massage Rescue Kit
  • Kit includes a Healing Crystal & instructions for Massage & Meditation
    with your pet
  • Eases the Transition for a Rescued pet

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Natural Diet for Dogs

During the last 20 years our companion animals' health has been deteriorating. We are seeing more immune system disorders, genetic disorders and deadly chronic diseases than ever before.

  • An animal's diet is designed to support the body's immune system.
  • 90% of disease in animals is linked to poor nutrition.
  • Is their diet lacking essential nutrients ?
  • Why the decline in our pets' health ?
How to Feed the Natural Diet

Herbal Cleanse for Cancer

A combination of herbs to cleanse your dog's body of parasites. The "intestinal fluke" can cause cancer by invading organs. The solvent "propyl alcohol", responsible for letting the fluke establish itself, can be found polluting MANY pet food products.

  • complete instructions and dosage for each size of dog
  • follow natural diet during cleanse to feed the immune system
  • continue with a maintenance of herbs to keep intestines clear of parasites
How to do the Cleanse

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

  • For an acute situation involving a tumor, cancer, leukemia or aids.
  • Has been known to shrink tumors and relieve symptoms of cancer.
  • This technique uses Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade from the Health Food Store only.
  • Given by syringe into the mouth daily until you see some improvement in the animal's condition.
Full Instructions Here


"All of the natural products or therapies suggested here are free from harmful side-effects because they do not invade the body; they simply support the body's own natural healing ability.
This healing information is not a prescription or diagnosis. These options are alternative healing methods to complement your ongoing medical care and are not scientifically substantiated.
By using any of this information, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of it."