Release of Pain & Tension - Focus on a Body Area to Ease Pain

Pain is a concentration of energy. Use this meditation technique to dissolve the Painful Energy
layer by layer and fill that area of the body with a nourishing flow of Crystal Energy.
Use crystals like Fluorite and Malachite to draw out Pain.
Use Rutilated Quartz to help repair damage to muscle tissue and bone.

~ Surround yourself with as much quiet as possible.
~ Find a spot on the floor or a bed where you can lie down comfortably.

~ Apply Out of the Earth's Pain Aromatherapy Massage Blend to painful area.
~ Place chosen Crystal on Painful area.

Close your eyes.
Slowly breathe in, focus air directly thru the Crystal and through the center of the Pain.
Color the breath with the color of the Crystal to dissolve the pain and tension.
Envision the Rutile in the crystal knitting together the damaged areas if necessary.
Imagine this crystal energy flowing into and filling the area.
the Crystal Energy will start to dissolve the layers of Pain, like peeling an onion.
One by one, each painful layer disappears into the Crystal Energy.
This happens again and again until all your layers of Pain are dissolved.
Allow the Crystal Energy to fill the area.

Allow yourself to bathe in this crystal energy for several minutes.
Just relax and enjoy it.
Let it wash away any worries, discomfort or pain you may be feeling.
When you feel you are ready, slowly become aware of your body.
Notice how it feels.
Slowly open your eyes and enjoy your space as you look around you.