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Tutoring & Support Services

Helpful suggestions to fine-tune & improve your healing business &/or treatment sessions.

  • "Brand" your business - make it unique & exclusive!
  • suggestions on adding "the Latest Trend" to your treatments
  • attract clients & keep them coming back.
  • Are your prices competitive?
  • make your own "Signature Salon Products"
    like Foot Scrubs, Roll-on Blends, Bath Products and more
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Did you know?

  • Our students always get 10% off all massage supplies.
  • Our students can refresh their skills free on any class they have taken.
  • Our students can offer themselves up as a body for massage class.

Create a Healing Space

Helpful suggestions to bring as much "calm" into your healing as possible.

  • lighting, music, aromas
  • client comfort

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Practitioner's Liability Insurance

Complete coverage for a reasonable price!
Covers Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Massage, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and many more types of therapy.
Email George to get the current year's application, send a copy of your certificates and payment, and you're covered!
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Health Services

Healer's Protection Blend
~lemon & herb~

A protective blend for people in the hands on healing professions. Balances, clears and protects against absorption of negative energies. Energized by the healing properties of Citrine.

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Crystal of the Week

Rose Quartz

  • love & emotional healing
  • releases worry, fear, anxiety
  • strengthens the heart
  • relieves stress
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Healing Crystal Jewellery

Healing Crystal Pendants and Rings. Wear your favorite healing crystal. Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Larimar, Moonstone and lots more.

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Pain Kit for
Muscles & Arthritis

~ Helps to control muscle spasms, reduce swelling, relieve pain, relax muscles.
~ Relieves pain & stiffness of arthritis.
~ Energized by the healing properties of Fluorite.
~ (Kit comes with a Fluorite Massage Crystal)

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Essential Oils

  • One drop is equal to one teaspoon of powdered herb.
  • Are absorbed by the body 200 times faster than water.
  • Raise one's sacred atmosphere (aura) so illness cannot survive.
  • We have a wide variety of essential oils available at wholesale prices, check it out!

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Chakra Balancing

  • The Chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy located on the etheric body in a vertical line from the head to the pelvis.
  • They help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.
  • Specific essential oils and crystals assist and support spiritual development and awakening of the chakra energies.
  • Get your Self Chakra Balancing Kit now!
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Find Your Power Stone!

Which healing crystal calls to you?
Each person resonates to a certain crystal's own healing energy. Your healing energy and the crystal's will amplify when you work with it! Find out which one is for you. Not just because it looks beautiful.
I mean a real desire to hold a crystal. A feeling of "you just gotta have it". If you are being called, then that one is for you. It might feel like you just can't leave that one behind. Have seen it on one of my crystal pages and keep coming back to look? Find out why. Find out which one is for you. Check out the crystal pages and see who calls to you.

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Essential Oil Profile

Black Pepper

warm, peppery

Actions ~ rubefacient, analgesic, digestive
Extraction ~ distilled from the red berries
Safety ~ use in moderation
Physical Uses ~ addictions, aphrodisiac, appetite (loss of), arthritis, blood cells (red, to form), bone pain, brain trauma, burns fat, cellulite, chills, circulation, constipation, diarrhea, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, indigestion, influenza, irritable bowel, jet lag, muscle pain, spasm, strain, muscle tone, peristalsis (to encourage), rheumatism, stimulant
Mental & Emotional Uses ~ anger, stimulating, strengthens mind and nerves, stamina when frustrated, warms the heart where there is indifference, brain,mental alertness, courage
Spiritual Uses ~ to remain awake during meditation, bloodstone, physical energy protection
Astrology ~ Planet: Mars, Element: Fire, Sign: Aries